Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Job changes are a concern to your employers : Read tips on how to get a job for yourself inspite of being a job hopper !

I recently came across a candidate who said , Mam , I have changed many jobs in past 4 years .
Any job will work for me . Am just frustrated with this company and not able to get any jobs due to many job changes that employers see in my cv :

Now , It is oblivious of the fact that it will always be a matter of concern to the employers .

You need to first figure out : why and what you do not like in the company ?
Then ask these questions to yourself :
Is it the job role that i like or do not like ?
Is it the environment ?
Is it the infrastructure ?
Is it money ?
Is it the company expectations am unable to fulfill ?
Is it the work pressure you can not handle ?
Is it that you are unclear about your goals ?
OR Last completely de-focused/ not at all focused .

How to Figure out :

-Sit at home on weekends and do a test on yourself :
-Check your career graph from your own resume
-Count how many job changes you made in what span of time
- Write down reasons why you left those companies
- Point out / Note down things you like about work
-Point out / Note down things that motivate you

Now focus on what is motivating you and what is right for you !

And then :

Point down your goals and strategies to accomplish them .

Now , Since you are aware about the mistakes you made previously . Make sure you are keeping up with a company at least for an year ! It takes at least 6 months to understand a company .

-make a resume where you can highlight more of the responsibilities you've handled in the past .
- make sure you are not showing any gaps in your cv
-mention about the freelance work you've down , volunteer work .
-your expertise
-highlight things you want to do in a company , by things i mean roles and responsibilities / your area of interest .
Do not make a resume in chronological order .

step 2 : Use your references , your friends , relatives , family , network so far , social media, newspapers job adverts to apply for jobs available .

step 3 : once you get the job . Do not be demanding too high on the compensation . You have got to learn a lot yet .

Congratulations , make sure you are sticking to one job role at least for 365 days !!!

Article Written by :

Dimple C Khubcandani
Career Transition Expert And Business Consultant
Synoverge Consultants