Friday, July 11, 2014

Hiring First Employee!!! ( All New C E O's should read this post ) !!

Congratulations !! for being confident and giving light to your Idea!

Well here are few things you should know : whom to hire , what to see in a candidate , and Hiring ways the following points will give you a run down for business : . . 

What position to fill first will differ for each company, depending on industry, location and the skills of the founders. 

The first thing you should decide is whom to hire FIRST : If you currently have projects in hand , you may hire a staff on the basis of the project : People who can help you E X E C U T E.

If you just have an idea in mind : you should have a marketing or sales person first in a team who will help you get projects .

People you need to build a billion dollar dream team for your company needs : a marketer , a sales person , an accountant , a designer , a pr , a developer , back-office( includes hr, admin , inside sales)  , technical team .

How to find a team for yourself : 

An entrepreneur’s best bet for finding employees usually is networking, making good connections with people .

Ask for referrals from your friends, industry colleagues and advisers, such as your accountant,your family , your surroundings , your online friends , your entire circles ... and organization members.

 If one of your advisers or colleagues recommends somebody, they've done some of your employee screening work already. Start-ups typically find their first 10 employees this way.

~Consider whether you can outsource tasks to consultants or free-lancers before hiring someone 

~Look for candidates used to smaller organizations and don't focus on those with big-business credentials who may be accustomed to having a lot of rules to follow.

~You may use newspapers , or pamphlets or online advertisements for hiring initial staff . 

~Do not buy any job portals at an initial stage , nor hire any consultants till you are making good !! 

Things you need to see in a first hire : 

The first hire plays a very important role in building a culture for your small set up . 

Therefore , the first hire should be flexible with hours because he/she will have no limited task and will be assigned any work that comes up !

~They should have an open mentality and Entrepreneurship mind set !

~It might be tempting to hire candidates with big-business credentials, but they’re often not a good fit. 

~In a big company, there are rules, regulations and processes to do everything. 

~In a small company, there often are no set jobs and everyone may do a bit of everything.

~They should be quick learners 
~flexible with work and work hours
~ Agile in work
~Surely and mandatory do a reference check of your first hire -most recommended . Coz they might turn out to be thieves or may destroy your plan too . Ref check must !

Collect these documents when you finalize a candidate must if you are hiring an Experienced professional :

1.     Updated Resume and 2 passport size photographs.
2.     SSC and HSC Mark sheets
3.     Graduation Mark sheet
4.     Post-Graduation Mark sheet
5.     Any professional course certificate
6.     Any training certificate 
7.     Electricity Bill
8.     Driving license/Passport/Voter’s Id/ Pan Card
9.     Relieving letter of last employer or resignation acceptance via mail or on paper .
10.   Experience Letter of last employer
11.   Last 3 months’ salary slips of last employer   
Everything should be true copied by a lawyer or any authorized government officer .

If a candidate is a fresher : Documents to be collected should be Points 1-8. 

And when new hires comes on board, you’ve widened the candidate pool with their own Rolodexes.

 ~If an employee recommends someone, there’s are higher chances of you being successful .

~ Candidates get a much more honest perspective of the company, and in most cases an employee is going to recommend only someone he or she thinks will be successful, to avoid tarnishing his or her own reputation.

~ and it saves money too and its not that difficult  . 

~Compiled by 

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