Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How hiring an HR consultancy is an investment rather than a cost! ?( special guest post by Nupur Singh )

Hiring HR consultancy: An investment rather than a cost
A human resource team is basically required to manage the workforce of a firm. This includes managing the salary part, training the employees, evaluating performance, solving internal conflicts, fulfilling the employer’s goal without compromising with the personal growth of the employees as well as hiring and firing of employees. The HR team’s goal is to keep the employer and employee happy.
One might think that having an internal HR team is enough and hiring a consultancy is a cost that a firm does not want to incur.
Here are a few things that a consultancy does for you that make it an investment:
Ø Hiring and firing: Consultancies have expertise in hiring. A consultancy evaluates the skills required for a particular position. It then searches for a fit candidate that has the required skills to get the work done faster and effectively. This saves the cost of the company that it spends on suppose 2 employees that perform a set of task which a single person with better skills can do.

Ø Skill development: Evaluation of skills required for a position is not enough. Consultancies also evaluate the skills of existing employees and look where the skills need to be improved. Also, if an employee has an additional skill, those skills can be brought in use in some other work.

Ø Training the employees: Consultancies train the employees and educate them on the vital knowledge, skill sets and provide a glance on the industry as well as the firm’s environment. Firms can save their time by outsourcing the training process to expert consultants.

Ø Training the HR team: Not only does a consultant train the employees but also the HR team. The HR team is trained on letter and e-mail writing skills, how to communicate with employees effectively, how and what information should be shared with the workforce, resolving employee issues, etc. Often the consultancies also train the HR team with creating or updating the existing manuals or handbooks.

Ø Pass on special skills: The firm might not necessarily have special talents. A consultancy has expertise in their field and knows what is best for a firm. When required, firm can use this special talent of the consultants and even pass the special skills to the employees.

Ø Concentration on core business: If a firm does not have an HR team, it can use the services of consultancies and free the employees to focus on their core business.

Written by : Nupur Atul Singh ( Nupur Gahoi ) and