Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Things in your CV/ Resume that makes you look " Unprofessional"

Things that makes your resume say " YOU ARE UNPROFESSIONAL"

~Random/Cute shared email accounts : like ""
Tip - Instead, adopt an address that incorporates the name you use professionally on your resume and cover letter.

~Proofread Failures / Typo Erros / Spelling Mistakes .
Tip - Use a spell check !

~Picture on resume in funky clothes /Shorts , pyjamas , trek suits .
Tip : Please wear formals and get a decent passport size photograph clicked .

~Lazy words like : etc , nd , 4 , using short forms .
Tip : Take time to list out your duties , skill sets , it helps the recruiter find your cv faster .

~Listing a spouse name or a family member in a reference
Tip : give references of the people you work with , like current companies managers you report to !

~Not spelling out the name of the employer or school or college .
Tip : please mention where have you worked . It gives an idea of the profile you would have handled .

~Including phone numbers that are no longer in service for references or employers
Tip : Keep your profiles updated , always !!

~ writing an email using small case letters and big case letters in beginning .
Tip: Keep a check on your grammar , on the way you frame a sentence . First letter of the sentence should be BIG/ LARGE case and the rest should be small .

Hope this helps .

Thank you 

Team Synoverge Consultants