Friday, May 16, 2014

Pick My Brain !! How to write a Business Proposal !!

Writing a proposal is similar to but not exactly the same as crafting a persuasive essay or producing a report. Here are suggestions for developing a proposal, including some pertinent to its specific purpose.

Firstly , Do not write an Email without talking on a phone once or any which ways if you do so please follow these steps : 

Don't use ALL CAPITALS (no shouting!), or all lower-case letters either 

Step 1 : Write a Curious Subject Line .Always fill in the subject line with a topic that means something to your reader.  Subject lines should be very intriguing and impactful with regards to the kind of business you have and should create curiosity so that the person at least opens to read that mail . for eg : "Deadline for empanelment" -
Do not write your product or services name in the subject line at all . 

Step 2:  Always start with a salutation /  Greet  : Do not use words like heyoooo , heya , hey - very unprofessional .

in a professional business communication language always use words like: Dear , Hi , Hello with the Correct name . you may also write a surname like Dear Ms. Khubchandani , or for eg. Hello Ms. Dimple .

Use correct Grammar . Correct spaces . 

~Never show your hopes and asking for health or praying for health , wealth etc . it is very irritating to read such and it is not at all impactful .

- Greeting means - a simple hi and a name . It should be very simple and Direct with the context to the kind of relationship you have with that person , or with the context of how you know about that person you may greet them that way !Very short and simple it should be . 

Step 3: Introduce yourself and about your company . - Do not attach your certificates or awards you've received . Just a small and short impactful introduction about you containing information about your professional career in context to what you want to offer that person only . 

For Eg : I am a CEO of an Executive Search and Corporate Training Firm - "Synoverge Consultants"

or I am a career transition and hiring partner at Synoverge Consultants

And then a little brief about you containing your services .

Step 4: Brief about your Company's service or a product :  Write a brief with context to why you are writing that mail to them. Is the content that helpful that the person might even recommend you to someone if he can not take your services . Write with that context in your mind !
It should be in context to helping them .
Providing Solutions to them - NO Arguments !
It should contain information about your work and the services you can offer them .Explain your WORK ! DEFINE IT . Make it look short and sweet in simple steps no too many paragraphs .
NO short forms. 

For Eg: Company's introduction .
Services company offers 
Price of the service .
Clauses . 
End note - it should contain your contact information various ways of reaching you ! 

Step 5: End NOTE : Again here do not show any hopes or build in expectation content at all .
like awaiting your revert , will wait for your reply etc .No please do not write these sentences at all .

Write an optimistic or a positive ( ask for a permission ) ,which will help you make a call to them . - Well nothing like a face to face meeting than a telephone though you may use sentences like these :

Like : can i call you at 3pm today ?
Or What is the best time to speak to you today or anytime this week ?

Step 6: Sign off the email:

Use a good signature : Containing your full name
Your Number
Your Designation
Your Company Name
Your company's website
Your Social Links 

Step 7 : Proofread and re-check your content before hitting the send button .

Hope this was helpful.

Content Compiled by Dimple
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