Thursday, May 22, 2014

CEO's - PICK MY BRAIN ON : " How to improve your performance... !!!" SALES .......

 Things  Professionals can do in a 'Slow moving economy' to improve performance:

1.Talk to your Current Customers and Keep them Delighted . . . .Keep them happy . Know their hurts . Talk to them more , a simple Hello will put you at EASE !! it will help you make a conversation . . If they don't ! you should talk to them . . No body owe's you anything . . Success is owed to you only if you put in Efforts . . YOU START FIRST ! Keep them delighted stay in touch with them !

2.  Get deeper and better info on client's brands' requirements by spreading wider in marketplace.Meeting client servicing people to gather info can give that edge. Connect them to people who you know can help grow their business as well . . it is always a give and get (take ) thing . . . 

3. Build relationships with VALUE . . help your clients build their businesses, give them ideas they can use for their profit.. . Try reinforcing , redirecting helping them refocus if they need help somewhere . . Coz when they grow . . they help you grow ! 

4.Build your ‘reputation’...If you become known as a person of value, clients will seek you. Hustle till you no longer need to introduce yourselves .....! 

5.Study at least 1 book a month on business - sales , marketing and strategies ! Keep yourself inspired by books , quotes or anything that keeps you motivated ! 

6.The new rules include the internet which includes Facebook , Twitter ,  Linkedin .Your active profiles on these networking sites helps you to remain ‘top of mind’ among clients and agencies and potential would be free recommendations and new clients ! 

7.Be Creative. Upgrade every action you take, presentation you make, proposal you send to agencies . . The Obvious is Boring . . The Boring is NO Curiosity . .The no curiosity is NO SALE !!! Be Creative .. make people curious . . .

8.Learn the joy of 'rejection'.Make more number of cold calls.. .Make sure to call at least 5 people or 5 companies you think can be your potential client ! A ghost call , cold call . . or any kind of call . . Just TALK ! 

9.Set Daily Goals and daily actions..Making 150 calls in a week might seem daunting, but 5 calls a day seems doable.. . if not 5 . . 3 at least . . . .Trust me if you do so . . you will never complain about having less projects !!!!

10.Learn to accept Rejections . Yes every one will not understand your worth . Everybody will not pay you your price . . But its OKAY !!! BUT SOME WILL . . Keep those some on priority . . Plan a schedule . . with the rest adjust . . and keep them in the second or last priority !! There is always work .. plenty of it . . You should just know how to find !!

Hope this was helpful.
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