Monday, April 7, 2014

Tips For Freshers and Working Professionals:

  • Tips on getting noticed by recruiters : 

How to get noticed by recruiters :
make sure that you update your resumes on these job portals for sure :
* naukri , monster india , times jobs , shine , click india , iim jobs . . .
* keep in touch with your friends (college , school , work , random ) and family . .
* ask them about current openings in their organisations /companies .
* keep a check in newspapers ( times ascent ) , HR magazines if you read , Newspapers have a job/career section keep a check on that ?
* google the domain / and a list of companies and keep checking their career section .
* keep your linkedin profiles active and try to interact with people more it wont make you small or it is not unprofessional to directly talk to ceo's of the companies .
* Make appropriate cv and mention things that you do (skills ) not hobbies .

  • When you want a hike on salary .

    Please do not ask on the appraisal that you are expecting to happen .

    You will only get hike on the current salary that you draw .
    NOT on what you are expecting that you will get . (appraisal)

    Even if you are 100% sure of appraisal .

    You may ask for a hike after you draw the appraised salary at least twice !

  • On Joining Company :
when you join a company :

Do not be careless at work .
Dont be too engaged and occupied with your phone .
Be focused with your WORK . . . 
Keep your personal issues OUT till office hours .

No Company is concerned with your personal life . . neither will they act as an agony aunt to you !! 

Join only when you want to work ! no company is going to pay you for your full time or part time issues . . . .

if you can not take responsibilities . . be happy at your homes . . . . 

  • On selling candidature:
Don't over sell your candidature to multiple companies when you are not ready to change or not focused or simply confused !

Dont be too desperate . . 

It will make your candidature look unWorthy of the position ! 

Do not over sell it . . . 

And be available and flexible when you apply . . .

  • Etiquette's:

Tips to Employers ,Employees AND Entrepreneurs :

Be courteous enough to respond :

a thank you
a sorry 
i am busy 
will reply later 

AND respond to calls and email's . . 

Not responding to calls and emails DOES NOT MAKE YOU RESPECTABLE OR WANTED !!!!!

Rather it makes you look like - a person who is not serious for his work . . . NOBODY wants to work with full-time so called BUSY people . .

It is not professional to keep people waiting for you . . and vice versa . . .


#ethics !!!!!! 

  • Question: During an interview, the interviewer asks - Tell me about your self, any example what can I say?

Answer: My name is Asha, and I have a bachelors in Finance & HR. Apart of that, I have taken a certification in ABC. Along side with that, I have 10 years of experience in ABCD field. Combining my 10 years of experience, my education and my certification, I have developed certain skills, (mention your top 3 skills).. With all this, I have a crystal clear understanding of the HR/ IR policies, financial matters. I am certain my skills will add significant value to your organization. I know my strengths will be an asset to your company.

Dont just say, My name is Asha, I have a Bachelors in xyz and 10 years working experience in ABC company/ industry.