Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Resume Writing Tips:

  • There is a difference between BIODATA , CV , and RESUME :

    Biodata - BIO-DATA consists information about the individual ,and his attributes ,hobbies ,interests along with educational qualification to describe the person the best. Freshers normally make a biodata.

    RESUME - is one or two page summary of your skills ,experience and education .generally not longer than 2 pages.It indicates candidates professional experience and qualification -generally 2-4years experienced people make resumes.

    CV - A Curriculum Vitae is a longer and more detailed synopsis .Generally over a couple of pages long . It indicates candidates professional experience . CV's generally very experienced people make.

  • Resume Writing Tip :
    Repeating information does not make it more important. Using jargon does not make your document more significant. Keep your communications short and simple. A shorter document has more impact. The audience will remember your message.

This post is specially for freshers . Even Experienced professionals may please see:

How to make your CV worth a once read ? How to find a job for yourself ?To stop getting irrelevant openings in your mail box ?..your questions will end here .. 

The art of writing a resume 

The concept of resume writing is like marketing or advertising and the product is you. Since a resume walks one step ahead of you, it should be one step smarter too. Here are a few pros and cons for a perfect resume:

PDF form: Always, send the soft copy of your resume in the PDF format to maximise the impact. A word document may have the risk of not being compatible with different operating systems - also while sending - Subject line should be relevant write the post applied for for eg : sales executive - hence subject line should be - Application for the post of "sales executive " and location . (this makes easier for the employer to check your resume . No employer checks all resumes ..

Quantify: Use numbers to showcase your contributions. If it's sales, quantify the deals by their worth like you sold over $5000 in the last 10 months, or managing a team of 10 sounds better than just heading the sales team;Making reports (like mis , roi etc )

The top-bottom approach: Try arranging your data in a manner where your outstanding achievements are placed on the top right after your basic information and schooling history. Placing such critical information at the end might not get the desired attention;

Customisation: Customize the resume as per the positions applied for; accordingly, arrange the experience and achievements. Addressing it to the respective person gets you the bonus points;Short and simple description always draws attention .

Fancy fonts: Avoid using fancy and complicated fonts. Always ensure a common font running through your resume. Keep a check on the font size; Professional font is Arial or times .Simple is good .

Copy/Paste: This is a very common practice; candidates often copy-paste the common contents of a resume like career objective, hobbies, strengths, etc. Don't be a part of the herd. Employers look to hire the innovators and initiators.

Page limit: The traditional advice has been to stick to a one page resume for a fresher , and squeeze everything in. But managers today are willing to go beyond this and review the application material in a more detailed manner. Experienced may write more of what they've done till date . No big stories just a synopsis is enough

Please make a proper cv - in hobbies singing ,dancing has nothing to do with the job . Hence do not mention such hobbies . Writing , Reading - reading what please be more precise .newspaper , magazines (which) , Books (which) , articles (which) . Please be very specific.

When your are posting your resume in job portals - Always mention Proper Keywords - like - Sales , Marketing , Business development , Operations, Admin - According to your interests and for experienced - only what you are doing currently . Mentioning proper keywords ,experience and salary will not make your mail box spam. appropriate information given by you will always give you desired jobs in your inbox .

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