Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to Ask for a Salary (Pay) Rise / Negotiate on an offer :

How to Ask for a Salary (Pay) Rise / Negotiate on an offer :

^Answer and ask diplomatically .

^ASK your worth , Don't keep a Demanding Tone .

^ Review the offer first - check the base , components , benefits , Stock options -if any . 

^ Take time to think and review your offer and try to understand and get to figure out your worth as per your knowledge technically in terms of work , KRA given to you and the amount you're they are offering on that .

^ Do a little research work on the organisation and what they pay normally .Some companies are restricted with the budget constraints and can not pay more or out of budget as per their policies .

^Ask / Request for a meeting to negotiate .

^ Send them a counter offer negotiation email to fix a meeting to discuss on the offer and your expectations . ( A phone call does not help in negotiations)

^How to review your offer : Job offer Check List :
*Job Content (KRA - key result areas)
*Benefits - includes- medical , pf , pantry , leaves ,bonus , stocks if any
*Hours of working
* location of work
*work environment/culture
*company vision / market name or just check if the company is stable and will survive in the market for long .

^Lastly meet them and discuss what you are exactly expecting out of the company - know your worth . .And ASK never be demanding .If you ant to accept it . Accept it professionally via sending a confirmation mail . Or if you dont want to accept send them a mail that it does not suffice your expectations and you will not be able to join .

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