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How to Recruit Candidates Apart From Portals ?

If you are running a Startup / New Company it will be difficult for you to invest lakhs of rupees in portals and along with that you might also need to hire someone who finds a resource for you from that portals which will cost you more along with that you might have to bare telephone and internet expenses plus the PC and space availability costs . :) 

Apart from job portals (which are active means), below are the other sources 

1) Company referrals (Buddy reference)

2) Networking through friends, friend's friends ,Relatives , ( Anyone that you meet  milkman , newspaper wala , Auto wala , Cab wala even they have relatives who work in companies so they can refer )

 3) Networking through portals like Linkedin, Facebook, Brijj, indeed , etc.. also join Facebook groups helps a lot .

4) Newspaper Ads / classified Ads/ Free online classfied ads .

5) Google search / yahoo groups search 

6) Hoardings is also used seldom- could cost you a bit

7) There are couple of sites where you can post your ad for free (quikr , spanjobs , careerbuilder , simplyhired , , , , , adoos , vivastreet , , reddit , fresherslive , sulekha , stumbleupon , craigslist , , , beknown from monster , Skillpages

8) You may also try Whatsapp groups and Spread the word .

9) Go in colleges / Private Istitutes and interview students ! Pool of talent available ! 

10) Last but not the least - The major tool for sourcing is HEAD HUNTING/ Hiring Consultancies to work for you on affordable costs 

Hope this was helpful

Compile by : Dimple Khubchandani
Synoverge Consultants

Experience Letter Format and Relieving Order !


                                                 Experience Certificate

                           To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. A was employed with our Company (Company name) from___   to __ as an DESIGNATION for a period of ____yrs.

Her major responsibilities included working on Human Resource like Joining & Separation formalities, Attendance Management, Induction Programs, Appointment Letter & Confirmation, Job Portals, Administration, Maintaining Personal files of Employees, Employee Relation.

Her/ HIS Exposure in these areas is very good. During her tenure with us, she ably handled major responsibilities and found her to be hardworking and very productive.

We have found her to be self starter who is motivated, duty bound, and a highly committed team player with strong conceptual knowledge.

We at (Company Name). Wish her all success in his future endeavors.

For (Company Name).

Manager {Human Resource}/ Your Designation 



NAME                                                              :
LEAVING                                                          : 

DEPARTMENT                                                 : 

DATE OF JOINING                                           :

DATE OF RELIEVING                                       :

REASON FOR RELIEVING                               : 

CONDUCT                                                       : 

For xxxxxxxxxx


Mr  xxxx                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 _________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


We are in receipt of your letter dated ---------- submitting resignation from the services of the company. Your resignation is hereby accepted and you are relieved from the services of the company with the close of working hours of today i.e. On  -------------.

You are hereby advised to surrender all the Company’s properties, if any, in your possession to the authorized person immediately.  Your final settlement of dues will be made after getting confirmation of no due from all the concerned department/s.

We thank you for the services rendered by you during the tenure of your employment with us.  We wish you all success in your future endeavor.

 Yours Truly,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    FOR xxxxxxx

By : Dimple Khubchandani
Synoverge Consultants

Common Appointment Letter Format

Please note that this has to be given After the Offer letter is Accepted Or Only this should be given .  

Ref:                                                                                                     Date

 Dear Mr  

Sub: Appointment for the post of       

This has reference to your application for employment and subsequent interview, the Management is pleased to appoint you as  …………  on a salary of Rs….. per month with effect from ….. .

Your appointment is subject to the following:



You will initially be on probation, for six months, which may be extended or reduced at the sole discretion of the Management.  The appointment is terminable either by the Management or by you without any notice or payment in lieu thereof, during this period. On completion of the probation period, till such time that you are intimated in writing about your confirmation, you will be on probation.

 Medical Fitness

Your appointment is subject to:
The Management having the right to get you medically examined by any certified medical practitioner during the period of your service. In case you are found medically unfit to continue with the job, you will lose your lien on the job.

Verification of the particulars mentioned in your application

If and when information furnished by you in your Application Form regarding your credentials are found to be incorrect or not true, you will be liable for termination or such other action as the Management deems fit.

Duties and Responsibilities

(a) The Management will expect you to work with a high standard of initiative, efficiency and economy.
(b) During your service with the Company, you will not engage yourself directly or indirectly in any other Undertaking, Business, Employment or Activities prejudicial/detrimental to the interest of the Company.
(c) You shall not give out to anyone, during the period of your service and even afterwards by word of mouth or otherwise, particulars or details of our manufacturing or other processes, technical knowhow, security arrangements, administrative and/or organizational  matter of confidential or secret nature, which may be your privilege to know by virtue of your being our employee.
(d) You shall keep confidential all the information and material provide to you by or on behalf of the management or by its clients concerning their affairs to enable the Management to perform the service. This excludes only such material as is already known to the public which also you will not release, use or disclose except with prior written permission of the Management. Your obligation to keep such information confidential shall survive even on termination or cancellation of the employment.
(e) You will be responsible for the safe keeping and return in good condition and order of all the properties of the Company which may be in your use, custody, care or charge.  For the loss of any property of the Management in your possession, the Management will have the right to assess on its own basis and recover the damages of all such material from you and to take such other action as it deems proper in the event of your failure to account for such material or property to its satisfaction.

Termination of Permanent Service

(a) You will automatically retire from the service of the Company on attaining the superannuating age of 58 years.
(b) Your services are liable to be terminated without any notice or salary in lieu there of in case of continued ill health.
(c) The cessation of service can be by either side giving three months notice in writing to the other or in lieu of notice by payment of three months' salary by the Company or by payment of three month’s salary as damages by the Employee.

Deputation/Change/Transfer of Employment

(a) You are liable to be transferred anywhere in India at the sole discretion of the Management depending upon the organizational exigencies. Your services may also be deputed to the Group/Sister Companies as deemed fit by the Management.
(b)Your place of work can be changed at the sole discretion of the Management to any other branch, unit, factory or other site either in existence or which may come into existence. In such event , you will be issued a fresh letter informing you of such change.


(a) You will be subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Company and the service conditions as are in force at present or as may be introduced or amended or extended or rescinded from time to time.
(b) You will inform, in writing, to the Management any change of address within a week from the change of the same, failing which any communication sent to your last known address shall be deemed to have been served on you.
(c) You shall not apply for any other job outside without the prior written permission from the Management. In response to this communication of appointment you are required to confirm your acceptance by signing the duplicate copy of this order.

Kindly return one copy of this letter duly signed by you as a token of your acceptance of our offer.

For and on behalf of the Management
This should be on your companies Letter head and company seal and signature mandatory . 

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Job changes are a concern to your employers : Read tips on how to get a job for yourself inspite of being a job hopper !

I recently came across a candidate who said , Mam , I have changed many jobs in past 4 years .
Any job will work for me . Am just frustrated with this company and not able to get any jobs due to many job changes that employers see in my cv :

Now , It is oblivious of the fact that it will always be a matter of concern to the employers .

You need to first figure out : why and what you do not like in the company ?
Then ask these questions to yourself :
Is it the job role that i like or do not like ?
Is it the environment ?
Is it the infrastructure ?
Is it money ?
Is it the company expectations am unable to fulfill ?
Is it the work pressure you can not handle ?
Is it that you are unclear about your goals ?
OR Last completely de-focused/ not at all focused .

How to Figure out :

-Sit at home on weekends and do a test on yourself :
-Check your career graph from your own resume
-Count how many job changes you made in what span of time
- Write down reasons why you left those companies
- Point out / Note down things you like about work
-Point out / Note down things that motivate you

Now focus on what is motivating you and what is right for you !

And then :

Point down your goals and strategies to accomplish them .

Now , Since you are aware about the mistakes you made previously . Make sure you are keeping up with a company at least for an year ! It takes at least 6 months to understand a company .

-make a resume where you can highlight more of the responsibilities you've handled in the past .
- make sure you are not showing any gaps in your cv
-mention about the freelance work you've down , volunteer work .
-your expertise
-highlight things you want to do in a company , by things i mean roles and responsibilities / your area of interest .
Do not make a resume in chronological order .

step 2 : Use your references , your friends , relatives , family , network so far , social media, newspapers job adverts to apply for jobs available .

step 3 : once you get the job . Do not be demanding too high on the compensation . You have got to learn a lot yet .

Congratulations , make sure you are sticking to one job role at least for 365 days !!!

Article Written by :

Dimple C Khubcandani
Career Transition Expert And Business Consultant
Synoverge Consultants

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hiring First Employee!!! ( All New C E O's should read this post ) !!

Congratulations !! for being confident and giving light to your Idea!

Well here are few things you should know : whom to hire , what to see in a candidate , and Hiring ways the following points will give you a run down for business : . . 

What position to fill first will differ for each company, depending on industry, location and the skills of the founders. 

The first thing you should decide is whom to hire FIRST : If you currently have projects in hand , you may hire a staff on the basis of the project : People who can help you E X E C U T E.

If you just have an idea in mind : you should have a marketing or sales person first in a team who will help you get projects .

People you need to build a billion dollar dream team for your company needs : a marketer , a sales person , an accountant , a designer , a pr , a developer , back-office( includes hr, admin , inside sales)  , technical team .

How to find a team for yourself : 

An entrepreneur’s best bet for finding employees usually is networking, making good connections with people .

Ask for referrals from your friends, industry colleagues and advisers, such as your accountant,your family , your surroundings , your online friends , your entire circles ... and organization members.

 If one of your advisers or colleagues recommends somebody, they've done some of your employee screening work already. Start-ups typically find their first 10 employees this way.

~Consider whether you can outsource tasks to consultants or free-lancers before hiring someone 

~Look for candidates used to smaller organizations and don't focus on those with big-business credentials who may be accustomed to having a lot of rules to follow.

~You may use newspapers , or pamphlets or online advertisements for hiring initial staff . 

~Do not buy any job portals at an initial stage , nor hire any consultants till you are making good !! 

Things you need to see in a first hire : 

The first hire plays a very important role in building a culture for your small set up . 

Therefore , the first hire should be flexible with hours because he/she will have no limited task and will be assigned any work that comes up !

~They should have an open mentality and Entrepreneurship mind set !

~It might be tempting to hire candidates with big-business credentials, but they’re often not a good fit. 

~In a big company, there are rules, regulations and processes to do everything. 

~In a small company, there often are no set jobs and everyone may do a bit of everything.

~They should be quick learners 
~flexible with work and work hours
~ Agile in work
~Surely and mandatory do a reference check of your first hire -most recommended . Coz they might turn out to be thieves or may destroy your plan too . Ref check must !

Collect these documents when you finalize a candidate must if you are hiring an Experienced professional :

1.     Updated Resume and 2 passport size photographs.
2.     SSC and HSC Mark sheets
3.     Graduation Mark sheet
4.     Post-Graduation Mark sheet
5.     Any professional course certificate
6.     Any training certificate 
7.     Electricity Bill
8.     Driving license/Passport/Voter’s Id/ Pan Card
9.     Relieving letter of last employer or resignation acceptance via mail or on paper .
10.   Experience Letter of last employer
11.   Last 3 months’ salary slips of last employer   
Everything should be true copied by a lawyer or any authorized government officer .

If a candidate is a fresher : Documents to be collected should be Points 1-8. 

And when new hires comes on board, you’ve widened the candidate pool with their own Rolodexes.

 ~If an employee recommends someone, there’s are higher chances of you being successful .

~ Candidates get a much more honest perspective of the company, and in most cases an employee is going to recommend only someone he or she thinks will be successful, to avoid tarnishing his or her own reputation.

~ and it saves money too and its not that difficult  . 

~Compiled by 

Synoverge Consultants

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How hiring an HR consultancy is an investment rather than a cost! ?( special guest post by Nupur Singh )

Hiring HR consultancy: An investment rather than a cost
A human resource team is basically required to manage the workforce of a firm. This includes managing the salary part, training the employees, evaluating performance, solving internal conflicts, fulfilling the employer’s goal without compromising with the personal growth of the employees as well as hiring and firing of employees. The HR team’s goal is to keep the employer and employee happy.
One might think that having an internal HR team is enough and hiring a consultancy is a cost that a firm does not want to incur.
Here are a few things that a consultancy does for you that make it an investment:
Ø Hiring and firing: Consultancies have expertise in hiring. A consultancy evaluates the skills required for a particular position. It then searches for a fit candidate that has the required skills to get the work done faster and effectively. This saves the cost of the company that it spends on suppose 2 employees that perform a set of task which a single person with better skills can do.

Ø Skill development: Evaluation of skills required for a position is not enough. Consultancies also evaluate the skills of existing employees and look where the skills need to be improved. Also, if an employee has an additional skill, those skills can be brought in use in some other work.

Ø Training the employees: Consultancies train the employees and educate them on the vital knowledge, skill sets and provide a glance on the industry as well as the firm’s environment. Firms can save their time by outsourcing the training process to expert consultants.

Ø Training the HR team: Not only does a consultant train the employees but also the HR team. The HR team is trained on letter and e-mail writing skills, how to communicate with employees effectively, how and what information should be shared with the workforce, resolving employee issues, etc. Often the consultancies also train the HR team with creating or updating the existing manuals or handbooks.

Ø Pass on special skills: The firm might not necessarily have special talents. A consultancy has expertise in their field and knows what is best for a firm. When required, firm can use this special talent of the consultants and even pass the special skills to the employees.

Ø Concentration on core business: If a firm does not have an HR team, it can use the services of consultancies and free the employees to focus on their core business.

Written by : Nupur Atul Singh ( Nupur Gahoi ) and

Thursday, May 22, 2014

CEO's - PICK MY BRAIN ON : " How to improve your performance... !!!" SALES .......

 Things  Professionals can do in a 'Slow moving economy' to improve performance:

1.Talk to your Current Customers and Keep them Delighted . . . .Keep them happy . Know their hurts . Talk to them more , a simple Hello will put you at EASE !! it will help you make a conversation . . If they don't ! you should talk to them . . No body owe's you anything . . Success is owed to you only if you put in Efforts . . YOU START FIRST ! Keep them delighted stay in touch with them !

2.  Get deeper and better info on client's brands' requirements by spreading wider in marketplace.Meeting client servicing people to gather info can give that edge. Connect them to people who you know can help grow their business as well . . it is always a give and get (take ) thing . . . 

3. Build relationships with VALUE . . help your clients build their businesses, give them ideas they can use for their profit.. . Try reinforcing , redirecting helping them refocus if they need help somewhere . . Coz when they grow . . they help you grow ! 

4.Build your ‘reputation’...If you become known as a person of value, clients will seek you. Hustle till you no longer need to introduce yourselves .....! 

5.Study at least 1 book a month on business - sales , marketing and strategies ! Keep yourself inspired by books , quotes or anything that keeps you motivated ! 

6.The new rules include the internet which includes Facebook , Twitter ,  Linkedin .Your active profiles on these networking sites helps you to remain ‘top of mind’ among clients and agencies and potential would be free recommendations and new clients ! 

7.Be Creative. Upgrade every action you take, presentation you make, proposal you send to agencies . . The Obvious is Boring . . The Boring is NO Curiosity . .The no curiosity is NO SALE !!! Be Creative .. make people curious . . .

8.Learn the joy of 'rejection'.Make more number of cold calls.. .Make sure to call at least 5 people or 5 companies you think can be your potential client ! A ghost call , cold call . . or any kind of call . . Just TALK ! 

9.Set Daily Goals and daily actions..Making 150 calls in a week might seem daunting, but 5 calls a day seems doable.. . if not 5 . . 3 at least . . . .Trust me if you do so . . you will never complain about having less projects !!!!

10.Learn to accept Rejections . Yes every one will not understand your worth . Everybody will not pay you your price . . But its OKAY !!! BUT SOME WILL . . Keep those some on priority . . Plan a schedule . . with the rest adjust . . and keep them in the second or last priority !! There is always work .. plenty of it . . You should just know how to find !!

Hope this was helpful.
Inscribed by :

Dimple Khubchandani.
Your Career Transition And Hiring Partner And Business Consultant .
Synoverge Consultants